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Hello All, 
There is growing discussion that we need to implement TALENs in Xenopus and I need the community's input. So please help me out here. I wanted to ask how many of you are interested in TALENs. If the NXR offered a service to inject TALENs for your lab and grow the frogs would you use this service? 

Here are the questions that I would appreciate some answers so I know how to allocate some resources in the NXR in the near future. I think TALENs are a great idea and my own lab is prepping them. Please respond to the following if you are interested. Even if you are not please respond and let me know why you made such a decision as this will help me out. 

1. Are you interested in obtaining a mutant frog? 
2. Laevis or tropicalis? 
3. What exactly do you want from us? The F0s so you grow the F1/F2 nulls or for us to generate F1 heterozygotes and send those to you? Keep in mind that F0 may have different mutations and we can intercross them or cross them out to wt and generate "pure" hets. 
4. Do you understand the timeline of such an experiment and how long it will take? 
5. If you said trops do you have trops already in the lab and if not did you consider this? Would you have to purchase new housing system or would you just buy frogs to use for a short time? 

Any other comments questions would be greatly appreciated. 


Marko Horb, Ph.D. 
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