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Marko Horb xenopus at mbl.edu
Mon Oct 19 10:23:45 EDT 2015

Dear Xenopus Community,
 	Spots are still available for the Advanced Imaging workshop. The workshop runs from Nov 15-21. Below is a brief description of the workshop as provided by John Wallingford. If you have someone new in the lab send them to the workshop. They will learn a ton of new material in a short time. It is well worthwhile. The workshop is open to everyone, if you have any questions about whether you should send someone feel free to ask.

The course will be an intensive, hands-on immersion in imaging of Xenopus embryos, including embryological techniques.  The course will involve some lectures, but the majority of time will be spent in the lab.  Leveraging the full resources of both the NXR and the MBL, we will have a wide array of both frog resources and imaging tools on hand.  

The course will be highly personalized to each student.  If you’ve never looked at a frog with a microscope, we’ll teach you how.  If you just want your images or your analyses to be better, we’ll help you get there.  Most importantly, we want this course to be DIRECTLY relevant to your work.  Accordingly, a key feature of the course is that students perform “real” experiments with their own reagents (e.g. YOUR antibody, YOUR fluorescent fusion, YOUR knockdown).  Whatever the imaging experiment, we’ll help you do it!  

This course will be taught by myself, Lance Davidson, and Scott Fraser.  There will also be three TAs, so all students will get substantial personal attention.  

This is a great opportunity for students of all sorts.    If you’ve never done time-lapse, here’s the chance to learn.  If you are an egg extract lab, here’s chance to go in vivo.   If you work on other amphibians, why not exploit some of the tricks we’ve developed in Xenopus?  

Looking forward to seeing some new faces at the workshop in one month

marko horb

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