[Xenopus] EXRC - new website and possible bioinformatics offering

Matt Guille matthew.guille at port.ac.uk
Wed Feb 17 03:03:13 EST 2016

Dear Colleagues,

Apologies for a long email but we have a couple of developments at the EXRC
which we are very excited about and would like you to take advantage of
should you need them:

We are pleased to announce that the EXRC has a new and much updated website
which is at xenopusresource.org. We have decided to release it whilst some
of the transgenic line images and plasmids are still being gathered and
uploaded to the site since this takes quite a while. Many thanks to those
of you who tested it prior to release, particularly the staff at Xenbase.
Your feedback produced some major improvements. Also a huge thank you to
Maya Piccinni who worked tirelessly with the web designers to make the site
as useful and easy to access as possible.

Please do visit the website, which now includes updated resources such as
the ORFeome, and send us any suggestions for further improvements. You
should be re-directed automatically from the current site for the next
three months. We hope you find the site really useful.

I also would like to ask you whether a service we are considering offering
through the EXRC would be of use to you. Quang Si Le has just joined our
institute having worked as a Bioinformatician first at the Sanger then at
the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics. Quang’s post here is designed
for him to continue his own research but with support for other groups as
part of his role rather than teaching. He is keen to explore the
possibility of some of that support reaching outside the institute via the
EXRC. With Xenopus lending itself so well to RNAseq and ChIPseq and the
price of sequencing falling so fast  bioinformatic analysis of these data
is now a major bottleneck, certainly for smaller institutions or projects.

Quang would like to know whether other Xenopus researchers are experiencing
this bottleneck and he would be willing to provide an analysis service (as
with all EXRC services) at cost, or for more specialized requirements as a
collaboration. He has set up automatic pipelines to do the analysis on the
large cluster that is available at UoP and can then provide the detailed,
final reports that are fully statistically validated. This will be distinct
from the service provided by companies since Quang is involved in research
using Xenopus and is well-placed to provide sound comments and advice.
Please could you email exrc at xenopusresource.org if you think you may have a
need for such a service either now or in the next 24 months, this will help
us decide whether to offer it or not.

with very best wishes,

The EXRC team


Matt Guille
Professor of Developmental Genetics
University of Portsmouth

T: 02392 842047 E: matthew.guille at port.ac.uk
W: port.ac.uk/school-of-biological-sciences/staff/prof-matt-guille.html

University of Portsmouth, King Henry building, King Henry I Street,
Portsmouth, PO1 2DY
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