[Xenopus] URGENT: Respond to the NIH RFI: deadline extended to October 17th 2016

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Mon Oct 3 12:49:08 EDT 2016

NIH has extended the deadline for feedback on RFI: "Metrics to Assess Value of Biomedical Digital Repositories".
New Response Date: October 17, 2016

Please direct all inquiries to:

Elizabeth Hsu, PhD, MPH

National Cancer Institute

Submit your response via Email: hsuel at mail.nih.gov

Put NOT-OD-16-133 in subject line of your email.

text from NIH: 
Please note that the receipt deadline for responses to this RFI has been extended to October 17, 2016, to allow more time for individuals and communities to assemble their responses. If you have input on this important topic and have not submitted a response, please consider doing so.

FYI: Biomedical Digital Repository can be thought of in two general categories: Knowledgebases and Deposition Repositories.  Xenbase is a ‘Knowledgebase’ as it provides species-specific, curated findings derived from the aggregation or analysis of a large body of published and unpublished (community submitted) experimental data. Deposition Repositories, like GenBank/NCBI, support primary research data submitted by the data producers.

The NIH wants to understand and measure: 1) the value of Xenbase and other data repositories, 2) the value of data types and data sets Xenbase and other data repositories contain, and 3) how important these data repositories are to your research. 

We ask that you respond to this NIH RFI immediately to express you support for Xenbase, and explain how the data that Xenbase collates, curates and displays supports your research.  If Xenbase weren’t available, how would that impact your work? What are the data sharing alternatives to the Xenbase? What are the implications of using these alternatives?

 Thank you to all those who have already written to the NIH, please encourage your colleagues to do so as well.

New Response Date: October 17, 2016


If Xenbase contributes to your research, please cite us in you papers. 
Cite us in your Materials and Methods section: 
        Xenbase (http://www.xenbase.org/, RRID:SCR_003280)
Cite us in your references:  
        Karpinka et al. 2015, Nucleic Acids Research, 43(D1): D756-D763. 
        James-Zorn et al. 2015, genesis, 53:486-497.

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