[Xenopus] Biocurator position at Xenbase

Peter D. Vize xenbase at ucalgary.ca
Wed Aug 9 15:32:35 EDT 2017

Greeting Xenopus community-

Please distribute/post this job ad for a Xenbase Biocurator in your academic circles!

Many thanks

Aaron Zorn and Peter Vize.

Biocurator position at Xenbase

Xenbase (www.xenbase.org<http://www.xenbase.org>) is the NIH-funded, Xenopus model organism. Xenopus is a major model for fundamental cell and developmental biology and human disease modeling. Xenbase curates and integrates all of the Xenopus literature, gene expression, phenotype, bioinformatics and genomics data and makes it available to the international research community supporting data exchanges with NCBI, USCS and other model organism databases.

We are seeking a highly motivated, collaborative individual to join the Xenbase Biocuration team located in the Division of Developmental Biology, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Cincinnati, OH, USA. This position positions offer a challenging job away from the wet-lab and research bench, where interpreting, annotating and displaying complex data is our main task. Curators also develop strategies to improve data curation; work to improve data display/querying on the website; interact with our user community at research conferences; develop programming skills; and contribute to Xenbase publications.

Job Description:
• Curation and annotation of published Xenopus scientific literature, focusing on gene expression and the extraction of other research data: genes, transgenic constructs, antibodies, phenotypes, genetic interactions, gene product functions and models of human disease.
• Import and annotate data from large-scale screens.
• Help develop new features: curation and processing of public and directly submitted RNA-seq and ChIP-seq NGS data from Xenopus experiments, curation of mutant phenotypes and transgenics; implementing GO annotations.
• Co-author reports and publications, and give presentations at national and international meetings and workshops.

• MSc or PhD degree in bioinformatics and/or developmental biology, genomics, genetics, molecular biology, zoology, anatomy or related field.
•  Demonstrated ability to produce scientific papers, reports and presentations
• Demonstrated ability to work in a team as well as independently, efficiently (i.e., both quickly and accurately) and be self-motivated
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills, including excellent written and spoken English.

Preference will be given to an applicant with:
• Experience with a bioinformatics, genomics or model organism database
• Experience in data annotation/biocuration, knowledge of relational databases, and familiarity with ontologies.
• Experience in a Xenopus or other vertebrate (mouse, zebrafish or chick) developmental biology.
• Experience in analyzing genomics data, using GRN software, genome browsers and common bioinformatics tools.

How to Apply:
Please submit your application, to mailto:aaron.zorn at cchmc.org with the following information:
• A cover letter, including a statement of interest/purpose
• CV/Resume.
• List 3 references/referees whom we may contact.

Salary and Start Date: Salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience. Start date is negotiable, but expected to be in late 2017.
The successful applicants will be employees of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and will undergo background checks, orientation and a 6-month probationary period.  More information about working at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and living in Cincinnati, can be found here: http://www.cincinnatichildrens.org/careers/working/default/

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