[Xenopus] Please share your set of curated Xenopus sequences

Leon Peshkin peshkin at gmail.com
Wed Oct 23 11:41:50 EDT 2019

Dear Xenopus community,
    as a self-appointed Chief Sequence Quality Officer,
I'd like to collect the best set of sequences we have as community in one
place. I imagine over the years many of you working in a particular domain
have manually curated and kept their favorite sequences, which might
    - seleno proteins
    - immuno peptides
    - post-translationally cleaved peptides
    - post-transcriptionally edited RNA which results in altered peptides
    - other unorthodox sequences
    - regular genes which just were not correctly captured by gene models

Would you please send to me:
     both X.laevis and X.tropicalis sequences in both DNA and protein,
and a brief but clear explanation what these sequences are and exactly how
you arrived at these specific sequences (started with genome 4.1, edited
according to your own sequencing effort, etc) ...

  thank you

-Leon Peshkin
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