[Xenopus] Community requirements survey - more responses needed

Magdalena Moszynska magdalena.moszynska at port.ac.uk
Tue Feb 15 07:37:32 EST 2022

Dear Fellow Xenopus users,

Thank you for your responses to our survey. There was a minor glitch in the
default settings, which has now been fixed. If you weren't able to submit
your responses then, it should work fine now.

In order to make properly informed decisions, we need to obtain more data
from the Xenopus community so please do read the message below and respond
to our survey at your earliest convenience.

The EXRC is being partially rebuilt as we write, this is the result of the
loss of many animals to M. ulcerans ecovar liflandii. Biosecurity is being
improved and the overall tank volume in the centre is being increased
considerably. Alongside this good news, a new challenge has emerged, the
Wellcome Trust, which normally funds around 2/3 of the EXRC's activity will
no longer be funding any Biological Resources in the foreseeable future.

These two things coming on top of one another have made this the time to
"redesign" the EXRC with the aim of providing a better service to the
community. We would therefore be very grateful if you could take a couple
of minutes to prioritise the current resources we offer and to suggest any
that you think are missing using the link below:

Thank you in advance for your help. Any change to the Centre will be made
in consultation with our Strategic Advisory Board as representatives of the

very best wishes,

The EXRC team
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