[Xenopus] New Xenbase website launched

James-Zorn, Christina (Christina James-Zorn) Christina.James_Zorn at cchmc.org
Wed Dec 11 13:06:02 EST 2013

Xenbase v3.0 has been launched with great new features:

•	New user-friendly landing page- a whole new look and feel!
•	New Xenopus laevis Genome v7.1 pre-release from the Xenopus Genome Consortium, and just released by the JGI is now available on GBrowse, BLAST+ and for FTP download. 
	 X. laevis genome v7.1 has: 
                  2.7 Gb total scaffold length 
                 50% of the assembly in contigs >19.3kb
•	Antibody Database - search through 500+ curated antibody reagents known to work in Xenopus. 
•	Faster BLAST+ Server 
•	Improved Genome Browser - the latest version of GBrowse features: 
               DNA sequence displayed for zooms >100bp 
               faster, cleaner interface with many optional tracks 
               download snapshots as png's or send to others as a link
               download track data in gff3, FASTA, or GenBank format for selected regions, entire scaffold, or entire track across the genome. 
•	Expanded Community Meetings and Resources. 
•	New miRNA expression catalog from the Wheeler lab.
•	New Morpholino Wiki listing 600+ published MOs.
•	Spotlight on new high-impact Xenopus research articles.

Continue to use Xenbase to find:

•	15,000+ individual gene pages with searchable gene expression patterns and associated literature.
•	Xenopus developmental timing and anatomy descriptions 
•	NF stage images.
•	Comprehensive library of over 47,000 Xenopus research articles
•	Updated Xenopus laboratory protocols and reagents
•	Links to Xenopus stock centers: EXRC (UK), NXR (USA), CRB (France), and NBRP (Japan)
•	Contact information for Xenopus researchers and labs and job postings.

Provide comments and feedback to help improve our service to advance your research!

NB: Please see attached Word doc  or pdf format for live links to features.

Dr. Christina James-Zorn
Xenbase Curator
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
Division of Developmental Biology
3333 Burnet Avenue, Cincinnati, 
Ohio 45229-3039 
christina.james_zorn at cchmc.org

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