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Wed Apr 2 11:16:26 EDT 2014

Dear Xenopus community 
Interested in coming to the NXR to use our frogs? We have the facilities to host visiting scientists for short to long term stays. This summer we are welcoming 5 scientists. Artur Llobet from Barcelona, David Furlow from UC Davis, Bob Rose from NC State, Aaron Zorn from Cincinnati and Reyna Martinez from SUNY Upstate Syracuse. 

Want to make some CRISPR or TALEN mutants here? We can then grow them for you. We have the vectors. See our price structure for these custom services on the website. 

The cost for what we call our research hotel service is minimal at $500/week. This includes all frogs you use and most reagents. (Growing the frogs to adulthood is additional, but inexpensive.) Or you can apply for a research award as four of the people coming this summer did. The first three obtained MBL summer research awards and the last is coming as a Grass Fellow. 

Other fellowship opportunities also exist. The Company of Biologists offers traveling fellowships: 

So come and take advantage of our facilities and enhance your research opportunities. The NXR is here for you. 

Looking forward to your visits. The NXR staff is here to help 

Marko Horb, Ph.D. 
Director, National Xenopus Resource (NXR) 
Marine Biological Laboratory 
7 MBL Street 
Woods Hole, MA 02543 

Email: xenopus at mbl.edu 
Office: 508-289-7627 
Cell: 508-564-3764 


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