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Hello Xenopus colleagues 
The Bioinformatics workshop is being held May 11-18 this year. If you perform any RNA-Seq, proteomics, ChIP-Seq in your lab then this workshop is for you. You can be at any level (graduate student, postdoc or faculty). The deadline for registering is fast approaching. We have four faculty members this year, which means you will get plenty of one-on-one time with the faculty. You can bring your own data sets and analyze them at the workshop. If you are planning on doing some experiments with large data sets then don't delay come and learn the techniques now to ensure rapid progress when your RNA-Seq data comes in. 

I am happy to announce that Xenopus 1 has gladly offered a $250 scholarship for a person to attend the workshop. In addition, the NXR is matching this offer with its own $250 scholarship. We therefore have 2 spots available with a reduced rate, making a double room for 6 nights only $1250 and that includes room and board. We hope this encourages some of you who are hesitant to attend. To apply please send an email to xenopus at mbl.edu with an outline of your work and the need for attending the workshop. A letter from your PI is also requested. 

Last, I would like to highlight a few quotes from the PIs of previous attendees: 
"I have sent one student to the bioinformatics course and he loved the course and came back and was 
immediately able to help many folks in the lab with bioinformatic issues." 

"I have sent three lab members to the Bioinformatics workshop. These lab members have learned the 
basic skills of genomic work and now routinely perform RNA-seq and ChIP-seq analyses." 

"One of our post-docs attended the 2013 Bioinformatics workshop, and the training in RNA-seq analysis 
and general bioinformatics approaches he learned have been crucial for our research on Xenopus tropicalis 
embryo development. We are now pursuing several high-throughput sequencing projects--including 
RNA-seq and ChIP-seq--in early Xenopus embryos, and the design of these experiments and analysis of 
sequencing reads would not have been possible without the specialized knowledge he gained from the 
Bioinformatics workshop." 

Looking forward to seeing you in a month 


Marko Horb, Ph.D. 
Director, National Xenopus Resource (NXR) 
Marine Biological Laboratory 
7 MBL Street 
Woods Hole, MA 02543 

Email: xenopus at mbl.edu 
Office: 508-289-7627 
Cell: 508-564-3764 


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