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Zorn, Aaron Aaron.Zorn at cchmc.org
Wed Feb 19 17:27:00 EST 2014

Dear Colleagues,

I would be grateful if you could let any recent or upcoming PhD graduates aware of this Postdoctoral Research Fellow position that we have open.

Many thanks



Postdoctoral Researcher position available in the Zorn Laboratory.<http://www.cincinnatichildrens.org/research/divisions/d/dev-biology/labs/zorn/default/>

We are seeking highly motivated recent PhD graduates to join a collaborative, international team focused on elucidating the gene regulatory networks controlling endoderm organogenesis in Xenopus, using cutting edge NextGen sequencing and molecular modeling approaches. This ambitious project will investigate the dynamic function of key signaling pathways and transcription factors at the whole genome level. The overarching goal is to understand the complex molecular networks that orchestrate the early development of endodermal organs, including the liver, pancreas and lungs, with the aim of informing congenital birth defects and accelerating stem cell based regenerative medicine.

The Zorn Lab is part of the Division of Developmental Biology<http://www.cincinnatichildrens.org/research/divisions/d/dev-biology/default/> at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital - a highly collaborative, state-of-the-art institution with over 30 laboratories investigating development, organogenesis, stem cells, disease and regeneration, and which integrates approaches ranging from animal models to human patient-specific iPS cells.

Successful candidates must have a proven track record of publications from their PhD thesis work.  Prior experience with Xenopus embryology, RNA-seq and ChIP-Seq technology and/or bioinformatics is helpful.

Please send CV and copies of your recent publications to Aaron Zorn: aaron.zorn at cchmc.org<https://mail.cchmc.org/owa/redir.aspx?C=L2Jmh9REa0-TvjTbVRquhsRNXgZQ9dAIbLCz3VxWpChMnikbVcH8ZQeMtltbaYNLvpW9GPL0gbo.&URL=mailto%3aaaron.zorn%40cchmc.org>

Aaron M Zorn  Ph D

Professor of Pediatrics
Division of Developmental Biology
Cincinnati Children's Research Foundation
240 Albert Sabin Way, S3.620
Cincinnati, Ohio 45229-3039
tel: (513) 636-3770
fax: (513) 636-4317
aaron.zorn at cchmc.org

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