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Hi All, 
Just to clarify. All that is required is for you to include a line in the acknowledgements that states we thank the National Xenopus Resource. Nothing more. Please DO NOT include the NXR grant number. 

Also if you do please pass along the citation to me as that will help me keep track of the publications 


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Dear Xenopus Community 
As a P40 funded center we rely on NIH funding to maintain the NXR. As such I must give account to the NIH of the users of the NXR. It is especially helpful if you would acknowledge the NXR in your publications when using material purchased from the NXR or if attendance at one of the workshops assisted in your research. Many of you have already done so and I am grateful. I know it can be hard to remember so I am writing to politely remind you to please include an acknowledgement of the NXR in your publications. I think the same can be said for Xenbase as well. Both of us rely on community use and support. 

Thank you 


P.S. I will be sending an announcement soon about registration for the upcoming Bioinformatics and Genome Editing workshops. 

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