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Dear Xenopus Community, 
I know for many of you obtaining hCG can be problematic at times. The NXR collaborated with the National Hormone and Peptide Program ( http://www.humc.edu/hormones/ ) to examine whether there are alternatives to hCG for inducing ovulation in Xenopus. I am happy to report that we found ovine and human LH to be excellent substitutes for hCG, and that the cost was less than hCG. I know some of you have already inquired about this and several veterinarians have contacted me about this. So I would like to inform you that our paper has been accepted and is now in press. You can now cite this paper for your IACUC, and of course in your publications. Hopefully this will help many of you out. The NHPP produces highly purified hormones an I recommend them. You can find the details of dose and such in our publication: 

Marko Horb 

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