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Dominique Alfandari alfandar at vasci.umass.edu
Fri Dec 21 08:38:34 EST 2018

Dear colleagues, 
I am looking for technicien, graduate student and postdoc. The two main project in my lab are:
1 Understanding cranial neural crest cell migration.
2 Production of monoclonal antibody to Xenopus proteins.

Project number 1 is for people interested in academic careers while project 2 is a great training opportunity for industry jobs.
Thank you for spreading the word.

On another note, the antibody project is progressing well. I will start uploading available antibody with description on Xenbase soon. In the mean time we have good antibodies to the following proteins. Complete characterization is still in the way but all work by either western blot or immunofluorescence on the target protein express in XTC cells, many of them also work on the endogenous proteins in the embryo.
Antigen list is as follow:
Mab List as of 12-17-18.

LBH -1

1 DA2B8lbh, WB, IP, Fluo, Trimaway, endogenous


2 DA2F4pcns, WB, IP, Fluo, endogenous

Par3 -6

3 DA8B4par3, WB, IP, IF, endogenous

Rax1 -1 (Frozen splenocyte for additional fusion)

4 DA2F6rax1, WB, IF

Sox3 -4

5 DA2C5sox3, WB, IF, endogenous

FoxD3 -1

6 DA3F10foxD3, WB, IF, endogenous (Cross reaction)

Ror2 -17

7 DA12B3ror2, WB endogenous

8 DA12H4ror2, WB endogenous

9 DA6D11ror2, IF endogenous

10 DA9D10ror2, IF endogenous

Ngn2 -10 (Frozen splenocyte for additional fusion)

11 DA9H1ngn2, WB, IF

Sox8 -2

12 DA11B7sox8, IF


Dominique Alfandari
PhD. Professor 
alfandar at vasci.umass.edu <mailto:alfandar at vasci.umass.edu>
661 north pleasant street,
ISB rm 427B, Amherst, MA, 01003

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