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Dear Xenopus Community
            The 5th Genome Editing Workshop will take place Oct 14-24. Registration is now open. Please visit the webpage for details (https://www.mbl.edu/xenopus/workshops/genomeediting-workshop). The syllabus is now posted. A few highlights that might be of interest.

  1.  Costs for this workshop are only $750 for a shared room and $1300 for a single room. Financial support for the workshop comes from the NIH, NXR and NSF.
     *   YES that is correct $750 for 10 days at the MBL as part of this awesome genome editing workshop. You won’t find a better deal. BUT space is limited
  2.  All room and board is funded by Participant Support Costs from the NSF EDGE grant awarded to Gary Gorbsky and myself. This is the final year of this Participant Support cost.
  3.  NEW for 2019!!!  Travel support is now being offered for each participant up to $1000. Yes that is correct funds are available for travel as well.
  4.  The course includes new hands on training for working with the new euploid Xenopus cell lines recently created by Gary. You will learn how to work with the cell lines and have the opportunity to generate knockin cell lines during the course and can take the cell lines home afterwards. (You will have to make the donor template in advance.)
  5.  The course costs cover the primers and sgRNA and other reagents for making mutants in your gene of interest.
     *   The NXR will grow your own founder lines to adulthood as part of this course. The last day is focused on providing individuals the time to inject embryos for founders, provided they show successful cutting with the designed sgRNA
  6.  The course is limited to 15 individuals. So register as soon as possible to take advantage of this great price.

Instructors for this workshop are:
Gary Gorbsky
Rachel Miller
Doug Houston
Thomas Naert (new- cancer models and base editing)
Marcin Wlizla
Hitoshi Yoshida
Nikko Shaidani
Marko Horb

Are any of you interested? Sign up now!! Or email me for more information. You won’t get a better price for such a course. Do you have a student, postdoc or technician you want to gain hands on experience with genome editing in Xenopus? Send them!! Don’t wait otherwise spaces will fill up.

Look forward to seeing you.


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Cite us in your references: Pearl, E. et al "Development of Xenopus resource centers: the National Xenopus Resource and the European Xenopus Resource Center" Genesis 50, 155-163

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