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Dear Xenopus community,
            Reminder that registration is now open for the 2019 Xenopus Resources and emerging Technologies Meeting. A tentative program (please note tentative) has also been posted on the XRET webpage (https://www.mbl.edu/xenopus/pi-meeting-2). We have an exciting schedule that is full of excellent talks and times for strategic planning. The important points are that the meeting starts with the opening BBQ on Friday Oct 11 at 6pm and ends at noon on Monday Oct 14. Some highlights and information:

  1.  There are still around 12 slots available for talks. Please email xenopus at mbl.edu<mailto:xenopus at mbl.edu> with your abstract if you would like to be selected for one of these slots.
     *   All talks are 12 minutes long. 10 minutes for talk and 2 for questions. We have kept the talks short to encourage all speaker to highlight their latest findings, and to have minimal background. We are all Xenopus people anyway so no need to introduce the animal.
  2.  XENBASE workshop. There is a Xenbase workshop scheduled for XRET. It is now scheduled for lunchtime on Saturday. Originally we had it planned for Friday afternoon but realized many would not be able to arrive in time for the workshop so it was moved to Saturday lunchtime.
  3.  Cryopreservation demonstration. There will be a presentation by NXR and EXRC staff on how to properly use cryopreserved sperm if purchased through each center. We have heard many people like the idea of using cryopreserved sperm and many have purchased them, but there seems to be some issues with using the sperm at your own lab. This demonstration will take place at 4pm on Friday, October 11.
  4.  Opening BBQ dinner. Following the success of previous BBQ dinners at XRET, there will be an opening BBQ at my house where everyone is invited to participate in the grilling and shucking. Fresh seafood, meat and vegetables to be served. The dinner will be served from 6pm onwards. (The pine tree is now gone so there is no fear of people sitting on sap this time.) Help is always accepted so if you arrive early and want to come over and help with setup you are welcome. We will do our best to accommodate everyone with lifts, but you can always walk to my place along the bike path and that takes 1 hour.
  5.  SPONSORS. Of course we must thank our sponsors who make the BBQ dinner possible:
     *   Iwaki Aquatic
     *   Aquaneering
     *   Tecniplast
     *   Nasco
     *   Xenopus 1
  6.  ORGANIZERS. I would also like to take the time to thank the organizers of this year’s XRET program:
     *   Rachel Miller
     *   Gregory Weber
     *   Helen Willsey
  7.  This year we have two keynote speakers:
     *   Ann Miller
     *   Leon Grayfer
  8.  Costs have been kept to a minimum.
     *   $440 for a shared room
     *   $635 for a single room
     *   You can book extra night if you plan to arrive in advance. This is done by emailing conferences at mbl.edu

We all look forward to seeing you at the XRET meeting.

The NXR Team (who work hard behind the scenes to make this all work. They never really get the credit but they

If the NXR contributed to your work please cite us in your papers.
Cite us in Materials and Methods as National Xenopus Resource RRID:SCR_013731 at the Marine Biological Laboratory
Cite us in your references: Pearl, E. et al "Development of Xenopus resource centers: the National Xenopus Resource and the European Xenopus Resource Center" Genesis 50, 155-163

Marko Horb, Ph.D. |Director, National Xenopus Resource (NXR) |Senior Scientist, Bell Center for Regenerative Biology and Tissue Engineering
Marine Biological Laboratory | 7 MBL Street | Woods Hole, MA 02543
Email: mhorb at mbl.edu<mailto:mhorb at mbl.edu> | Office: 508-289-7627 | Lab: 508-289-7370 | Cell:  508-564-3764


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