[Xenopus] Xenopus 1 Nasco frog stocks announcement

Rob Weymouth rob at xenopus1.com
Wed Aug 4 11:49:42 EDT 2021


Xenopus 1 has acquired Nasco's frog stocks!  This combined effort by both
Xenopus 1 and Nasco assures a supply of the same frogs many researchers are
using and accustomed to for many years to come.  The Nasco frog stock is
over 20,000 frogs.  We think this can help a new age of research, support,
and betterment of xenopus as a Model Organism.  We will bring to the
xenopus community 80 years of combined experience and a serious long term
commitment to the model.

In addition, as a fresh, new, sustained commitment to the Xenopus Model

Xenopus 1 will be offering 10,000 in travel grants and stipends for
bioinformatics, genome editing, imaging, emerging technologies, CSH Xenopus
course and the International Xenopus conferences for students.  This helps
a new generation of researchers and is a long term commitment to the model.

Testing data is on the website.  In addition to testing, as part of
 efforts in supporting the health of the model there will be data on the
website of colony management (spontaneous mortality, testing, customer
records of frogs shipped) as a ready reference of our frog systems.  All
frogs shipped will be Nasco stocks, Nasco frog lineage will be kept
separate from existing stocks.  Nasco frog breedings will begin in January

Please visit xenopus1.com  Please reach out to us rob at xenopus1.com

Or phone 734-426-2083, and text 734-426-1516

Thank you – we look forward to working with each lab and the xenopus

Rob Weymouth

Xenopus 1 Corp.
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