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NOTE UPDATED times for workshops!
Submit your questions ahead of time – email us at Xenbase at ucalgary.ca<mailto:Xenbase at ucalgary.ca> (put ‘IXC Workshop Q&A’ in subject line)

Xenbase Workshops at the 18th International Xenopus Conference: August 16th and August 17th, 2021

·        Xenbase staff will host 2 Workshops at the 18th IXC, each with a morning and evening session.

> Workshops will be focused on GEO data and Phenotypes module

> Each session will have a live tutorial,  hands-on exercises and a Q&A session.

> Workshops will be hosted online, using  Zoom - no special apps needed.

> See the start times in your zones below and mark your calendar!

·        Register for the conference here: https://registrations.hg3conferences.co.uk/hg3/195/register

·        Zoom links will be in the conference programme

·        Note that you must register for conference to attend the workshops!

Workshop 1.   GEO on Xenbase, Monday, 16th August:  12 noon  &  9 pm British Summer Time

  *   Explore the Xenbase GEO Module: RNA/ChIP-Seq data and Differentially Expressed Genes (DEG)

Workshop 2.  Phenotypes  on  Xenbase,  Tuesday,  17th August:  12 noon  &  9 pm British Summer Time

·        Phenotypes of Xenopus models of human disease, anatomy, GO and changes in gene expression

Workshop Start Times in your Time Zone: (pls check your time to account for possible changes to/from daylight savings/summer time)

Morning Workshops @  12noon London, BST =1pmParis/Berlin; 2pm Ankara; 8am Brazil; 7am New York; 6am Austin, TX; 5am Calgary; 4am Seattle; 11pm NZ ; 9pm Sydney; 8pm Tokyo; 7pm Hong Kong; 4.30pm Delhi.

Evening Workshops @ 9pm London, BST =10pm Paris/Berlin; 11 pm Ankara; 5pm Brazil; 4pm New York; 3pm Texas; 2pm Calgary; 1pm Seattle; Note next day due to time zone differences: Tuesday 17th or Wednesday 18th at 8am NZ; 6.am Sydney; 5am Tokyo; 4am Hong Kong; 1am Delhi.

Any questions? Email Christina @ Xenbase: xenbase at ucalgary.ca<mailto:xenbase at ucalgary.ca>

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