[Xenopus] Xenbase is back!

James-Zorn, Christina Christina.James_Zorn at cchmc.org
Fri Mar 4 11:34:40 EST 2022

Xenbase is back!

It is a great relief that we can finally announce that Xenbase is back online.

This is the  secure website url: https://www.xenbase.org/entry/

  *   Latest v10 genomes for X. tropicalis and X. laevis have been re-loaded, and are integrated on all gene pages and are available on the new FTP site: https://ftp.xenbase.org/pub/

  *   BLAST  & JBrowse are all back online and fully functional:
- these tools are integrated into the reagent modules for MOs and gRNAs, which have their alignments and JBrowse snapshots all working.
- JBrowse tracks (TF binding sites, CRISPR scan predictions, ChIP/RNA/ATAC-Seq data, MOs and gRNAs, ) have been re-loaded against X. laevis v9.2 and X. tropicalis v10
… more tracks come online each day!

  *   Gene Expression, the new  Phenotype Search, Protocols wiki and Anatomy Atlas are all restored.

Please send us your job ads! If you experience any bugs or have a question, please contact us on our new help desk email: xenbase at cchmc.org<mailto:xenbase at cchmc.org>

Thank you all for your patience and messages of support.

Best wishes to you all in these harrowing times.

Christina@ Xenbase

on behalf of CCHMC Curation and UCalgary Development  teams, and the Xenbase PIs, Peter Vize and Aaron Zorn.

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