[Xenopus] Frog-based faculty post at the home of EXRC

Matt Guille matthew.guille at port.ac.uk
Fri Mar 11 10:22:23 EST 2022

Dear Colleagues,

The link below is to an advert for the above post. For those not used to
the UK system a reader is the post above a senior lecturer but below a full
professor. Please do drop me a line if you are interested and we can set up
a chat.


have a lovely weekend,


Matt Guille
Professor of Developmental Genetics
University of Portsmouth

T: 02392 842047 E: matthew.guille at port.ac.uk
W: port.ac.uk/school-of-biological-sciences/staff/prof-matt-guille.html

University of Portsmouth, King Henry building, King Henry I Street,
Portsmouth, PO1 2DY
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