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marc moreau marc.moreau at univ-tlse3.fr
Mon Jan 20 05:42:46 EST 2014

A two year post doctoral position is available , starting in 2014 in the Centre de Biologie du Développement, UMR 5547 in the team Function of calcium signalling in stem cell regulation directed by Catherine Leclerc and Marc Moreau. ( http://www-cbd.ups-tlse.fr/spip.php?rubrique43 ) 

Our group tackles fundamental question related to understanding how Ca 2+ signalling controls stemness in neural and cancer stem cells of the brain tumour glioblastoma. Our aim is to investigate how abnormalities in Ca 2+ homeostasis affect the dynamics and progression of glioblastoma-related properties. The comparison of Ca 2+ signalling in normal and pathological situations should provide better insight of how stem cell quiescence is regulated. The results collected will lead to the establishment of a predictive model for Ca 2+ signalling to help us understand which elements of the Ca 2+ signalling toolkit are crucial to the initiation and development of glioblastoma, and are thus potential targets for therapeutic intervention. 
This project is developed through national and international collaborations (Hong Kong). We use vertebrate embryos (Xenopus), human cells, calcium imaging, optogenetics, and developmental genetic tools. 

We are looking for an enthusiastic candidate to help develop this project. Applicants must have a PhD in developmental or cell biology and have experience with culture of stem cells, lentivirus manipulation and to be willing to visit the different laboratories of our collaborators. 
Prior experiences with imaging or optical techniques are desired but not necessary. 
Interested candidates should send curriculum vitae, a brief description of their research training. Two referees recommendations are needed. 

For applications or more details please contact 
Marc Moreau ( marc.moreau at univ-tlse3.fr ) or Catherine Leclerc ( catherine.leclerc at univ-tlse3.fr ) 


Marc Moreau 
Centre de Biologie du Développement 
UMR 5547 
Université Paul Sabatier 
118 rte de Narbonne 
31062 Toulouse 
Tél 33 (0)5 61 55 63 98 
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