[Xenopus] NXR's Newly available laevis transgenic lines

Sean McNamara smcnamara at mbl.edu
Fri Jun 2 14:28:33 EDT 2017

Hello Xine Community,

We are writing to inform the community of several new Xenopus laevis transgenic lines that are now ready for purchase. The lines listed are mature (at least 10-12 months old), unless stated otherwise. If you are interested in any of these lines, please contact xenopus at mbl.edu<mailto:xenopus at mbl.edu>.

X. laevis

1.    Xla.Tg(CMV:Hsa.EB3-eGFP)1Ueno (NXR_0.0109)
Ubiquitous expression of eGFP in microtubule plus ends.

2.    Xla.Tg(CMV:Hsa.B4GALT1-eGFP)1Ueno (NXR_0.110)
Ubiquitous expression of eGFP in the golgi.

3.    Xla.Tg(cryga:RFP,CMV:HyPer-YFP)1Amaya (NXR_0.0116)
Ubiquitous expression of the hydrogen peroxide indicator HyPer-YFP with lens expression of RFP as a transgenesis indicator.

4.    Xla.Tg(CMV:mRFP)1Ueno (NXR_0.0115)
Ubiquitous expression of RFP in cell membranes.

5.    Xla.Tg(CMV:calr-RFP)1Ueno (NXR_0.0113)
Ubiquitous expression of RFP in the endoplasmic reticulum.

6.    Xla.Tg(sox10:GFP)1Jpsj (NXR_0.0108)
GFP expression in the migratory cranial neural crest cells.

7.    Xla.Tg(Xtr.lmo2:Katushka,cryga:Venus)1EXRC (NXR_0.0114)
Blood marked with the red fluorescent protein Katushka, and Venus YFP variant expressed in the lens.

8.    Xla.Tg(Dre.mpeg1:eGFP);(cryga:mCherry)1Amaya (NXR_0.0118)
GFP expression in the macrophages and mCherry in the lens.

The next two transgenic lines are custom orders that the PIs are kindly making available to the wider research community prior to publication. Since they paid for these frogs, and have first use, we request that individuals wanting these lines contact them before placing an order.

1.    Xla.Tg(Dre.cdh17:eGFP)1NXR (NXR_0.0102)
eGFP expression in the pronephros. Line generated per request from Rachel Miller.

2.    Xla.Tg(tuba1a:deup1-eGFP)1NXR (NXR_0.0103)
eGFP expression marking Deuterosome/Cetrioles in multi-ciliated cells. Line generated per request from Brian Mitchell.

Juvenile (these lines are not yet mature and their date of birth is indicated)

1.    Xla.Tg(hsp70:Cre)1Ryff (NXR_0.0121)                  (Dec. 2016)
Heat-shock inducible Cre recombinase.

2.    Xla.Tg(Hsa.UBC:Gal4);(UAS:mapt-Venus);(UAS:mCherry-moe);(cryga:CFP)1Amaya (NXR_0.0123)                  (Dec. 2016)
Ubiquitous expression of GFP in microtubules marked by a Tau-GFP fusion, and mCherry in actin filaments marked by mCherry-moesin fusion. Lens expression of CFP used as a transgenesis reporter.

3.    Xla.Tg(rho:eGFP-ATP1a3)1Baker (NXR_0.0122)             (Nov. 2016)
Xenopus rhodopsin promoter driving expression of eGFP tagged neuronal α3 isoform of the Na+/K+-ATPase in the rod photoreceptors.

4.    Xla.Tg(tubb2b:ChIEF,Rno.elas:GFP)1NXR (NXR_0.0125)                   (Feb. 2017)
Neural expression of blue light photoinducible channelrhodopsin, ChIEF, and expression of GFP in the pancreas.

5.    Xla.Tg(tubb2b:GCaMP6s,Rno.elas:GFP)1NXR (NXR_0.0107):           (May 2017)
Neural expression of the green Ca2+ sensor, GCaMP6s, and expression of GFP in the pancreas.

Sean McNamara

NXR Supervisor
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