[Xenopus] fluorescent stereoscope

Karel Dorey Karel.Dorey at manchester.ac.uk
Tue Jun 13 04:53:39 EDT 2017

Dear all,

I would like to purchase a couple of fluorescent stereoscopes for the teaching labs of the university. I need a basic sterescope with a UV light source and filters to be able to see GFP and RFP (and possibly a camera but this is optional at this stage) to look at transgenic frog and fish embryos. Currently Leica is quoting me around £16K ($20K or €18K). Has anyone bought a system with these requirements which is cheaper than what Leica is quoting me?

Thank you very much,

Karel Dorey, PhD
Room D2249 - Michael Smith Building
Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health
University of Manchester
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M13 9PT Manchester, UK
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