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Dominique Alfandari alfandar at vasci.umass.edu
Fri Jan 4 10:40:33 EST 2019

Happy new year.
One of the most requested antibody is for Ago4. The protein is almost impossible to produce in my system and before I make a shorter version I did a blast. I think it is very likely that some of the polyclonal available would work given the conservation.
1 Has anyone tried any of them?
2 Should I spend the time making a truncated protein to get a mab?
3 If you have requested this protein, what would be you application? Do you need an antibody that IP or western blot?

My goal is to start uploading information about the mAb we have made onto Xenbase and start sending the cells to the DSHB. If you need a sample of the antibody I can send it to you, just give me you FEDEX number.
Thank you
Dominique Alfandari
PhD. Professor 
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