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Mon Mar 2 12:12:10 EST 2020

Attention Xenopus researchers,

As Co-Director of Xenbase<https://www.xenbase.org/entry/>, I am reaching out to researchers who use Xenopus as a model, particularly those funded by the NIH, to ask for your support. The renewal of the Xenbase grant (P41 HD064556) through the NIH, is due in May 2020. If the continued existence of Xenbase is important for your research, we ask you write a letter of support.

Many of you will have already received an email from me. If you haven’t yet responded- consider this a reminder!  Thank you to those who already have sent a LoS- it is great to know Xenbase is essential to so many labs, but we need to hear from more people.

If this is you first time you have heard from us, please write a Letter of Support.

Hopefully, will be collecting hundreds of letters, so we need you to write the letters in your own words. To make this as easy as possible for you, we’ve provided a template [below] with ideas of what to include in the letter of support.

Please reply to this Xenbase email (Xenbase at cchmc.org<mailto:Xenbase at cchmc.org>) with your letter, ideally by the mid-March 2020, although we are happy to receive it sooner!

Many thanks,

Aaron Zorn

Aaron Zorn PhD
Co-Director Xenbase
Professor of Pediatrics
Division of Developmental Biology
Cincinnati Children’s
240 Sabin Way R3.566, Cincinnati OH 45229
Phone: 1.513.636.3770

[cid:image001.png at 01D5F08B.CC945050]

Template Letter,  Xenbase Renewal:

Dear Drs. Aaron Zorn and Peter Vize,
Directors, Xenbase

  *   Express your support for the Xenbase renewal.
  *   Mention how renewal of Xenbase was identified as the most important immediate need of the Xenopus Research Community in the 2020 Xenopus White Paper<https://www.xenbase.org/entry/doNewsRead.do?id=699>.
  *   Briefly, describe your research (listing previous and current NIH grants).
  *   Explain how important is Xenbase to your research.
  *   Describe which features of Xenbase that your lab uses and how frequently you use Xenbase (how many times a day?).
  *   Possible features to emphasize: genomes and genomics, support for human disease modeling, data sharing infrastructure for special community resources, expression curation, reagents etc.
  *   How does Xenbase compare to other model organism databases that you use?
  *   Finally, explain how your research would be impacted if Xenbase ceased to exist.

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