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De Robertis, Edward Eddy at mednet.ucla.edu
Tue Nov 3 15:00:45 EST 2020

Dear fellow friends in Xenopus,

It was nice to hear that so many of you are still working at the bench. This is a gift that embryology gives us. I do not have advice on animal caps, except that my Asashima postdocs used eyelash knives.

I am taking the opportunity of Leon’s mailing list to ask if any of you would know an experienced Xenopus postdoctoral fellow that would like a job.

I have a job opening available now, but can offer employment (at NIH rates) for only two years. Perhaps as a sandwich postdoc? My lab is small but we are working and maybe some may be interested in learning how an experienced investigator goes about research. Experience with Xenopus embryos and in situs would be a bonus as the project would be on Chordin and Wnt.

If you can think of someone really good  that might profit from this opportunity send me a note and ask him/her to send a curriculum vitae direcly to me.

Thank you for your attention and best regards from California,


Edward M. De Robertis, M.D., Ph.D.
Sprague Professor of Biological Chemistry
David Geffen School of Medicine
University of California, PO Box 951737
5-577 MRL, 615 C. Young Drive South
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1737, USA

Tel.  (310) 206-1401


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Dear Colleagues !

I have a few general questions and tried posting to Slack "Xenopus Community" without success. People - Slack is a nice way to keep discussions going, please use it !

Has someone worked out a way to make animal caps en masse ?  I did hear the gastromaster legend and even obtained one with a few tips … but it does not really work in my hands. Any other devices ?  Please do not tell me to just bite the bullet. I'd like to be able to cut many hundreds.
   There are a couple of animal cap instructional videos with forceps but I know many people use other techniques. Would be nice to have more videos.

Does someone have a protocol and experience for blood perfusion in Xenopus ?


   - L. Peshkin


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