[Xenopus] Antibody (R24)

Dominique Alfandari alfandar at vasci.umass.edu
Tue Nov 17 10:37:31 EST 2020

Dear colleagues,
We have sent our second batch of hybridoma to the developmental study hybridoma bank. These includes among other things an excellent anti Flag antibody that we have made that works in blot and fluorescence. All of these antibodies have been validated on the endogenous protein. We have many more that have not yet been validated and more targets that are being produced.
This latest batch includes:

We are currently screening for Six1, Six3, Slug, PDGFR, Eya1.

In addition, here is our complete list of hybridoma (These have been tested so that they recognize specifically the antigen but may not have been tested in the embryos yet). The cells have been subcloned and frozen for all the ones on that list.

This is the last year of the grant but I will continue characterizing the ones that we have already produced. I am also working on adapting the mRNA vaccine strategy to produce many more antigens from the ORFeome. Producing each antigen has been the rate limiting step so far so being able to just immunize with in vitro transcript mRNA would drastically improve our productivity.

As usual if you have a bacterial fusion protein for your favorite protein cytoplasmic or nuclear protein, it will dramatically increase your chance of getting an antibody.


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