[Xenopus] Xenopus Immune System: Gene Annotation Jamboree/Biohackathon

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Wed May 5 13:42:27 EDT 2021

Xenopus Immune System: Gene Annotation Jamboree/Biohackathon

When: Monday July 19th, 2021.
Hybrid meeting: In person at University of Rochester (Rochester, NY) and online (Zoom)
Who should come: PIs Postdocs PhD and Graduate students working on vertebrate immune system.

Goals of the Jamboree:

  *   Identify issues and bottlenecks faced by Xenopus Immunobiology researchers
  *   Assess synteny and orthology with human and other vertebrate genes
  *   Correctly name Xenopus genes
  *   Build gene support via gene pages on Xenbase (ie., addi new gene pages and add gene models to existing gene pages)
  *   GO-CAM annotations for Xenopus immune genes (data goes to the GO consortium and other databases)
  *   Participants will gain bioinformatic & gene annotation skills (plus an appreciation of the importance of high quality annotation!)

Interested participants please contact  Jacques Robert Jacques_Robert at URMC.Rochester.edu<mailto:Jacques_Robert at URMC.Rochester.edu>
Or Christina @ Xenbase:  xenbase at ucalgary.ca<mailto:xenbase at ucalgary.ca>

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