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Sat Apr 4 09:34:04 EDT 2015

Dear Xenopus Community, 
We are now planning the schedule for the Sept PI meeting and would like to ask your input. 

The current plan for this year's meeting is similar to previous years. The PI meeting will begin on Monday evening Sept 28 with a BBQ. On Tuesday Sept 29 we have a full day of short talks with discussion times until 9pm or so. Then on Wednesday we have a few more talks planned with the last 2 hours dedicated to more in depth discussion with the meeting ending at 12 noon. 

With such a short meeting there are only a small number of talks that can be hosted thus limiting the number of opportunities for people to present their research. This year we are considering expanding the meeting to include Wednesday afternoon and evening. We would like your input on whether to do so. In particular we would like to expand the young PI/senior postdoc session to give these individuals more opportunities to present their work and network with the community. What does this mean? If we do not extend the meeting then we would limit speakers for the young PI/senior postdoc session to 5 individuals. If we expand to include Wednesday as well then we could easily accommodate 15 speakers. 

The main question we would like you to answer is whether you are interested in extending the PI meeting by 1 evening? Please send your response to xenopus at mbl.edu . 

What does this mean for the costs? 
We are keeping costs to a minimum for the meeting and the charges for the meeting for 3 nights would run near $530 for a single room and $375 for a shared room. This price covers all housing, food and registration. The charge for two nights would be around $400 (single) and $300. 

We are asking you to please respond as soon as possible indicating whether you would like the meeting to be extended through the day on Wednesday so we can look at arrangements here at the MBL. 

Thank you, 

Laura Anne Lowery 
Marko Horb 
Brian Mitchell 

Marko Horb, Ph.D. 
Director, National Xenopus Resource (NXR) 
Marine Biological Laboratory 
7 MBL Street 
Woods Hole, MA 02543 

Email: xenopus at mbl.edu 
Office: 508-289-7627 
Cell: 508-564-3764 


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